Friday, July 24, 2009

This is all for me?

Sooo, it has been a while. We took a family vacation to New York and we had a BLAST! Every year we head out to New York to see our best friends Kris and Jen. This year was no different. This year we went from Indiana to Michigan to visit the best neighbors you could ever ask for,then drove through Canada to New York. Yeah, that's a lot of miles! The kids were fantastic. They colored and drew on their Magna Doodles almost the whole time while Jaclyn serenaded us with her version of Jingle Bells anytime the Jeep grew silent. We managed to make it all the way to New York and back with no dvd player at all!
We had an amazing time with Kris and Jen. We took the kids to a farm and picked blueberries, strawberries, and green beans. We hung out, just as old friends should. Then we loaded up in our cars for a road trip to New York City! What fun! I had never been there so I was super excited. We took the kids to the Toys R Us on Times Square and rode the ferris wheel-- in the store! That night we did a Harbor Lights cruise around the Hudson to see the Statue of Liberty. What amazing sight to see. Jaclyn loved "Libery" as she called her. One of Jaeden's favorite things was getting to ride in a taxi. As we were getting out he looked at Jeremy and me and asked " Is this all for me?" We asked what he was talking about and he said the giant toy stores, the boat ride and everything. Then he thanked us for the "best vacation ever"! I love my little man!
Thanks to Kris and Jen, Jeremy and I got to take a little time to enjoy Times Square at night together. It is whole new world at night. Amazing!!
Before we headed home we walked through Central Park and went to FAO Schwartz. What an experience. Jaclyn got to "design" her own Barbie at the Style my Barbie station, right down to the shoes she was wearing. Then you get to see your Barbie walk the catwalk. What an awesome thing for a 3 and 4 year old to see the Barbies they designed come down the catwalk!
We left the City with tons of great memories and greater appreciation for the laid back life we lead now!!
Here are some of the photos from the week. I will post more this week.

Somewhere in Canada.
The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY-- Home of the original Buffalo wings

On the ferris wheel in Toys R US

M & Ms world

Waiting to go on the Harbor Lights cruise.

Lady Liberty
A sculpture outside Central Park

Central Park
Shark and Octopus made out of Legos at FAO
High atop FAO

Watching Jaclyn's Barbie on the catwalk.

Jaclyn with her own Barbie

Had to have our picture with the FAO soldier

On Times Square, Jaclyn thought it was loud.

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