Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet Slumber

I honestly think one of the most beautiful sights to see is your child sleeping. So peaceful and not a care in the world.
It is so funny how easily each child develops thier own bedtime ritual. Jaeden wants to have his music on, we have to say our prayers, give hugs and kisses and then he reads a book for a minute with his stuffed animals- Rusty and Liey the Lion. Jaclyn wants to make sure all of Jaeden's toys are out of her room, then she wants to say her prayers followed by a hug, a kiss, and high fives as she cuddles in with her little pilllow and quilted book. And I'll admit that most nights when I go back up to thier rooms to check on them I linger a moment and just watch them. Then I thank God for these precious gifts he has blessed me and Jeremy with.

Even in a tent in the pouring rain, peaceful sleep is found.

Jaclyn was super excited that Grandma-Nana brought a kitten camping with us. Or "that-cat" as she called it all weekend.

Jaeden became quite the proficent fisherman while camping. He didn't catch a thing but had a blast with Daddy learning how to cast.

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