Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hail,Hail to Ol' Purdue!

Most anyone who knows me, knows that I am a Purdue girl. I can say that from the first day I stepped on to campus I loved it. Even being a 'country bumpkin' I always felt Purdue was home to me. So needless to say, after being away for 10 years it was a great blessing to be able to move back here.
For the past week we have had our old neighbor Emily here with us. The kids totally adore her and we all enjoy having her around for a bit. Each time she comes, it is fun to go to campus or "Pradue" as Jaeden calls it. As a college student you see campus, but you don't really see it until you come back and see it through the eyes of your child and with a college friend. I was able to do both this week. What a beautiful town we live in now!! Boiler Up!
Jaeden and Emily in front of the Beering Fountain.

Jaclyn checking out the fountain with Emily.
Me and Jaeden in front of the Engineering Fountain
The flowers on campus are always gorgeous!
On the Pedestrian Bridge
The Pedestrian Bridge

We crossed the Pedestrian Bridge to watch the trains come through. The kids were a bit caught off guard at first, but loved it.
The fountain in front of the Pedestrian Bridge
Jman running in Tapawingo Park
We wanted to see if we could reach all the way around the tree
No better place to peek-a-boo than a huge tree.


  1. I want to go hang out with you on campus again. We had such a great time when we were there. I love all the memories I have of us two!! I won't name the real great ones!!

  2. Katie,
    You've got it! We so need to go to campus when you come over. Not that anyone would understand most of the great ones!! :o)