Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soccer Mom

I'll admit it, I LOVED being a soccer mom! Jaeden had his last soccer game on Saturday morning. It was so amazing to watch my little guy go from being the little man on the outside of the pack to the one right there in the middle giving it his all. It was Jaeden's first time on a "real team". The first few weeks he was tentative, figuring out how everything worked and what he was supposed to do. But as the season progressed, so did he. I loved being there as he would run to sideline for a water break and a little encouragement. What fun!
I can't wait for Jaeden's fall sport- - Flag Football!!!

Just before the start of his last game.

Jaclyn in all her princess glory (tiara, wand, and all) going to cheer Jaeden on with Daddy.

Right there in the thick of things!

Ready for anything at goalie... Jaeden had a great stop right after this shot.

Jaeden with his trophy
The Green Ducks, I love how they all fit inside the goal

Jaeden and his buddy Drew. You just have to wonder what that sideline talk was all about!


  1. I love your blog!!!! I am super excited to follow it and see what your family is up to. Your kiddos are so cute!

  2. how sweet- your kiddos are precious. I love to see what ya'll are up to- keep it up!