Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That's my Byrdlings...

I just have to say that I love my little Byrdlings! This week has been one full of laughs and pride from Jaeden and Jaclyn.

I ask Jaclyn to put her shoes on her shelf in the closet. Where she is to put them every time she takes them off. She put them next to the wall, behind the ottoman. I see them and ask her to put them away. She responds, " Oh, I just wanted to see if you would find them. I guess I'll put them away now." I am soo going to be in trouble when she is a teenager!!!

Jaeden was working on his spelling homework. He had a worksheet with the instructions to: trace the words, copy the words, and then fold paper and write with out looking. He breezed through the first 2 columns of tracing and copying. He decided to fold his paper himself and I started reading his spelling words off to him. I read him a word, he replies "oh this is kind of hard". I look over and he is writing is words with his eyes closed!!! He really wasn't looking!!

Never a dull moment!

I am so very proud of my little man today too. He had a note sent home from his teacher. She wanted to let me know that Jaeden has been doing an excellent job listening and following directions. She went on to say " I can always count on him to be a leader an an example for the students. I am very thankful for Jaeden!" It is so gratifying to know that your child gets "it", not just at home but when you aren't around to see. Jeremy and I try so hard to treat each other the way we want them to treat others in the real world. It fills me up to know that others think our children are the gems we know they are.

I love my Byrdlings!!!

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