Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indy Zoo Field Trip

Last week was the much anticipated field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. The weather was forecast for rain and thunderstorms, but many little prayers were answered and the weather was breezy and perfect for a zoo blitz. We had just a couple of hours to see the whole zoo. It sort of seemed like I ran the zoo marathon by the time we sat down for lunch. But Jaeden and the 2 other kids I had in my group had a great time. We were able to get up close to so many of the animals. I may have been more amazed than the kids. :o)
Here are a few photos from our trip.

Checking out the seal tank

Reaching to pet a shark in the Shark Touch Pool

The giraffes were amazing! They came right up to the trainer- who had treats of course! But how amazing to be so close to such gorgeous animals!

The baby even came to visit.

The elephants even trumpeted while we were there.

Jman, Micah & Alyssa. My great little group.

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