Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lead Me

I had to share this song. It brought me to tears in the car when I heard it on the radio for the first time.

I think that every husband, wife, mother or father can completely relate to this song. We are trying to do our best to do all we need to for our spouses and children. But sometimes we forget that we aren't the ones in control and we need to follow what God has planned for us, just as a shepard leads his sheep.

This verse has become my daily prayer for our family:

"So Father give me the strength to be everything I am called to be. Oh, Father show me the way to lead them. Won't you lead me? "

P.S. Please pray for my Uncle Tom. He is currently in the hospital with major blood clots in his leg. They are trying to figure out the cause of the clots and suspect it could be cancer. He is at this very moment having a colonoscopy. Tom has a heart condition as well. It has been a rough few days for all of the family. I have faith that his diagnosis will be better than anyone, including the doctors, could have imagined.

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