Tuesday, August 11, 2009

State Fair Time

You know it is almost the end of summer when the State Fair starts. This weekend, we headed down to the State Fair in Indy. It was the hottest day of the year- heat index of 100! But we packed our frozen waters and Gatorade and slathered on our sunscreen. We really had a great time checking out the animals in the barns. We watched a little bit of a beef show, sheep show, goat show, and horse show. It was fun to watch the kids try to pick the winners in each class. Then we headed over to The Little Hands on the Farm. This is an adorable thing where the kids get to pretend to be farmers- they have to gather grain, feed the animals, gather eggs, plant and harvest a seed, groom a sheep and try to milk a cow. For all their hard work they earn "1 Farm Dollar" which they get to use at the general store. Jaeden bought himself some orange juice and Jaclyn picked a cheese stick. Next we headed to the pony rides. Which they had been waiting for all day. Jaclyn was a little leery at first, but both really enjoyed it. We topped off our trip with a ride on the gondola. It was so neat to see the fair from high a top the gondola. Even with the heat, we had a Fabulous time!!

It was unanimous-- corn dogs were the favorite food!
The sheep were Jaeden's favorite animal.

Jaclyn loved the goats- especially the ones you could feed.

Jaclyn's favorite part of the farm was planting her seed and getting her vegetable.
Jaeden liked milking the cow.

Happy on their ponies!

High atop the fair on the gondola.

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  1. Our State Fair is in October (thankfully a little cooler)!!! We are gonna attempt to take BOTH kiddos this year??? Last year I tried a fried Oreo cookie- YUMM-O!!!!! Who knows what they'll be frying this year???