Monday, August 24, 2009

Princess and the Potty?

Well, we have successfully finished the first week of kindergarten. It has gone very well. Jaeden had just one breakdown the middle of the week, which I am going to say was the Third Day Tireds.

Now on to our next mission with Jaclyn-- Potty Training!!! We made great progress a couple of months ago, then took 3 steps back. So today we are at it again! Jaclyn is in her Ariel "big girl pants" and all systems are go. She is working towards this glitter ball she has wanted for months first. Then when she doesn't need pull-ups anymore we are going to go and let her pick out a necklace at Claires. Oh, the life of a Princess! Fingers crossed!!!!


  1. What a doll!! Good luck to your little princess!

  2. I want the first picture!!!!! Jen