Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a week. . .

This has been quite a week so far. Jaeden is loving kindergarten. He is adjusting very well and getting to know lots of the school staff-- even the nurse. He fell on the playground on Monday and had to go to the nurse for a bruise and scrape on his back and got a band-aid from the librarian on his finger! He decided that both the nurse and librarian are really nice.

Tuesday evening was filled with me going to parent meetings at both kids schools! First was Ms. Staffords parent night. What a gem she is!! Then I had to head over to Jaclyn's preschool parent night. Good thing I went-- found out class starts a week earlier than I originally thought!

Jaclyn had a play date with one of her best pals Ali on Wednesday. How cute to watch two 2 year olds play dolls and Dora together!

Today was a real treat. Jaclyn had a preschool orientation. She got to go to a 1 hour version of preschool with a parent. She is so excited to be going to school like Jaeden. Next we are off to take Jman to the doctor. He isn't feeling well- had his first sick day today. :o( Hopefully he will be himself very soon, we have a busy weekend ahead of us!

Nothing like a box to entertain the kids for HOURS!

First ride in Daddy's Wrangler this year.

Fun at the Engineering Fountain on Campus.

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  1. I am finally back the the blog-world- YEAH!!!! They are so cute, ya'll are BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED!!!!! (thanks for your prayers with Cooner- she is MUCH better!!)