Friday, January 27, 2012

This post brought to you by Pinterest...

I know I am not the only one who has been spending way too much time on Pinterest. So for Christmas this year I decided to do some of those things I had actually pinned.
The above photo is the super simple wrapping I did on these cute ribbon book marks. Just a folded piece of card stock with a ribbon tie. I used a couple scrap booking dots to hold the bookmarks on. The book marks are made by cutting a piece of ribbon and fray-checking each end. I then added a jump ring and a charm. Pinch shut with pliers. That simple!
These super cute ornaments are one of my new favorite gifts. I made one earlier this year with one of my best friends wedding invitations. These were made for teacher gifts this year. Simply type up the names of all the students in a class leaving a few spaces between the lines for cutting. Cut them into strips. Wrap the strips around a pencil to curl and stuff into a clear ornament. Add a cute ribbon or embellishment and voila! I used a sharpie to add the year to the bottom of each ornament also.

I made these little snowman guys as class gifts this year too. I went to Michael's and got a package of pretzel bags. They were a bit long so I trimmed them to size. Stuff with marshmallows, tie a ribbon around the neck and then draw a face and buttons with a sharpie. We attached a little note also. I was able to do enough for both kids classes for about $4!
Jaeden's teacher loves frogs so he wanted to give her something frogs for Christmas. Not an easy thing to find. So I made her a mod podge clip board. My sister in law made me some die cuts of frogs to use also. We decided to keep the front simple with just one frog since it will have papers on it most of the time and added a few more frogs to the back.

My mom writes a note to my dad most everyday. Usually little things like " don't forget to pick take out the trash" So when I saw these adorable note boards I knew I had to make her one. It is so simple. Place a piece of cute scrapbook paper into a picture frame. I added letters to spell out Notes also. Soooo simple! I am making a Menu board for our kitchen the same way.

I kept seeing these adorable photo blocks all over Pinterest. As I was telling Jeremy about them, he told me we already had enough scrap wood in the garage to make those- score! Being the great guy he is, he cut, sanded and painted them black for me. Then I simply mod podged a piece of scrapbook paper on, the added an embellishment with mod podge. Finally we hot glued on clothes pins that we had painted black and clipped on a photo.

I am sure there were be several more Pinterest posts to come.....
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