Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My little man is SEVEN!!

I can't believe Jaeden is 7 now!! We celebrated his birthday on vacation this year (more to come about that soon!). We were at Kris and Jen's and once again they went above and beyond finding the perfect cake. Jaeden has been super into maps and geography. His favorite book right now is the National Geographic Kids Atlas. He is so artistic and getting so smart. It is so great to see Jaeden coming out of his shell and getting to be quite the funny little guy.

We took out a couple gifts to give Jaeden on his actual birthday. - It was a driving day for us as we were on our way home. He loves the cards that play music and Jaclyn had a blast picking out the perfect one for him.

After we got home we had scheduled a birthday party for Jaeden at our the Columbian Park Zoo. It is a little local zoo here in town. They have a party room with a tank of bearded dragons and a snake in the other. The walls are all covered with an animal mural. You are able to pick which animals you want the educators to bring to your party. The educators teach the kids about the animals and then give them a chance to pet and even smell the animals. Jaeden chose a Happy the ferret, Julius Squeezer the boa constrictor, Frekles the Leopard Gecko and a baby alligator.
Julius Squeezer was the hit of the party.

After we met all the animals the kids each made a foam picture frame and got to have thier picture taken with Freckles. Such a cute momento to take home.

Jaeden still gets embarrased when we sing Happy Birthday.

Funny enough, one of the hits of the party were the tiny little sticky lizards I had picked up for the kids to take home. Apparently they stick to the walls. So you can guess how about 15 minutes were spent. Full of belly laughes and flying lizards!

Happy Birthday, Jman- I can't wait to see what the next year brings for you.
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  1. AWWWW. I love fun parties!!!! Thanks for sharing. Hey are you coming home for the Apple Fest this year?