Friday, November 5, 2010

And the Winner is ...

To get ready for Fire Safety Week the first graders all made posters. The posters were judged by the West Lafayette Fire Department. Pretty cool, huh!
Jaeden's teacher stopped me one morning and told me she had something to tell me but it had to be kept from Jaeden. I had no idea what she was going to say. She told me that Jaeden was the winner for all of the 1st grade boys (they picked a girl winner too) of the poster contest!! I was thrilled. I have always thought he was incredibly talented at drawing, but for someone else to love what he has drawn as well, I was over the moon! BUT, I couldn't let Jaeden know for a whole week!!! So I contained myself and quietly let some friends and family know. Finally the day had come for the principal to announce the winners. I hung around in the hallway until announcements to see his reaction. It was precious, he was proud but kind of in a shy way. So what was the prize for winning the poster contest......
Jaeden got to ride home from school on the fire truck!!! Lights and Sirens and all! He didn't know what to think of it all, he even went straight upstairs to his desk to draw when he got home. He drew fire trucks of course! And as an extra surprise, Grandma Nana and Papaw were able to make it up too!! Here are some pictures of the day!!

Meeting the Fire Chief and Fireman
Still not sure what to think about all this

Strapped in and ready to roll

Jaeden's class cheering him on as they left

Almost home..

The winning poster. Jaeden's was the Stop, Drop, and Roll one.

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