Monday, October 25, 2010

A Royal Affair....

Miss Jaclyn turned 4 last week!! We had a whirlwind of celebrating. Both sets of grandparents were able to come up and spend time with the kids and made some great memories.

Then... on Saturday we had a Princess Tea Party for Jaclyn and 5 of her little Princess friends. I am not sure who had more fun, me planning it or Jaclyn and the girls. It was adorable to see all of them dressed in their princess dresses drinking pink lemonade in their tea cups.
We had pink cup cakes, pink lemonade, strawberries, grapes and cheese cubes ( a royal spread for sure!) Each princess also got to take home her tea cup. The girls started playing dolls and polly pockets, then they each made a tiara to take home and after cupcakes were right back to the dolls and polly pockets.
Check out the link to view all the photos. (we are having some technical difficulties with the computer. Which may or may not have been caused by me saving all my photos to the wrong spot and bogging it down!)

We love you!

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  1. Ok, So I guess Im not really good at adding links to this post so here is a direct link to the album. :o)